Content, Audience and Experience: The lifeblood of modern marketing.

Content, Audience and Experience: The lifeblood of modern marketing.

Welcome to The Content Collective.

For all the writing that exists today on content marketing, it still seems to be one of the digital world’s most misunderstood phenomena.

Among the problems is that so much of the thought-leadership on content marketing is not actually designed to help marketers deal with the very real challenge of connecting to audiences. Much of it is designed to take advantage of an increasingly complex picture.

Our goal at the Content Collective is to change that. We’ve assembled a set of prominent leaders across digital marketing disciplines in the name of simplifying the picture. We hope to shed light on tangible, inspired solutions for creating and magnifying compelling content experiences for the right audience, so that those audiences may actually engage with you on a regular basis.

Audience, content, experience: The three pillars of any successful strategy. To fail in one respect is to handicap all others. To truly succeed, marketers must display their expertise in all three disciplines.

All of which is nice to say, but in practice, executing an effective strategy is hard work. A marathon rather than a sprint. For brands aspiring to act as publishers, let us recall that the most respected, engaging publishers and media companies in the world didn’t arrive at their status overnight. It took years – in many cases decades – of hand-wringing, risk-taking, and failure, mixed with consistently compelling, credible content for publishers to gain the long-term loyalty they have with their audiences.

Do you have the passion to embark on this mission?

At a time when the power of information has shifted to the increasingly discerning audiences, no short cut can help you convert them. Only creativity, consistency, and inspiration can win them over and deliver on the potential lifetime value they bring.

The good news? There are now more efficient tools, technologies, and strategies to make the expanding universe of branded content work harder and go farther than ever before. And it is here at the Content Collective that we are thrilled to bring them to you.