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4 Questions from C/C:

How does content fit into the new buyers journey?

Content can be the basis for your conversion funnel. The scale of your efforts can be as small as a high-quality post or as large as a new microsite or blog. When you produce great content for your prospects, everybody wins because there’s high-quality, useful content for the buyer and the marketer’s messages are presented in the most engaging, contextual way possible. This is a tight content package designed to engage and inform, not just close a sale. That can be a lot of content, so be sure to leverage a content mix strategy that includes both original writing and editorial curation to scale your efforts. Well-implemented, a conversion content funnel leads the customer from one quality click to the next, adding value to both the conversion and brand credibility sides of the coin.

How do you build an audience on your own site?

Consistently show you are a source for great content. Useful articles, videos, and infographics are terrific but if you publish so infrequently that you don't get your audience's attention often enough, you will lose them to competitors who engage them regularly with content that interests and entertains. By building an editorial calendar with a content mix that includes thoughtful original writing, freshly curated content with your commentary, and a variety of formats, you can meet the demands of your always-on audience while still delivering high-quality material that will keep them coming back for more. Measuring your success and having the means of adjusting to change what doesn't work and produce more of what does is an important part of keeping the momentum going.

What do you see as content's role in the future of marketing?

The role will expand and there are two key areas of focus that both require scale. One, content needs to be more responsive, like web design itself. Businesses will need to produce for the format that suits audiences, meaning they will increasingly need content that is available in short-form, long-form, video, and audio. Businesses will need to meet that demand with content that allows for this flexibility, challenging teams without the technology to support their efforts. Secondly, businesses will need to micro-target audiences to get their attention. It’s hard enough to engage people now and the volume of information is only increasing. Always-on, segmented messages conceived with personalization and powered by big data will be key to reaching customers. Again, scale is a necessity.

How do you go about developing great content for your own brand?

Ensure your content is useful, specific to client needs, and unique to your brand. A tall order but it’s possible to hit all three marks by consistently producing great content. Content marketers often write about what they think customers want but fail to address questions their own customers are actually asking. Build authority by answering those questions. Customer centricity is mostly about using your CRM effectively to know what your prospects need and producing that content. Lastly, find your voice. Ask your employees to share ideas about what defines your company. Crowdsource ideas from super-fans to tap into what they really love about your brand. Look outward to find powerful stories that align with your goals, then curate that content paired with your original commentary.

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